• Allergic reactions can affect different areas of the body but are most likely to appear on the skin, in the tummy area and the respiratory tract.

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  • We know how hard it can be to keep track of all your little ones symptoms when they aren’t feeling well or are struggling to feed. To try and support you in your journey to a potential diagnosis, we’ve developed a tool that may help.


    Our Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA) Companion is an interactive tool in Facebook Messenger that will give you more information on CMA and will help you understand if your baby could potentially have CMA. It takes about 5mins from start to finish. 


    How does it work? 

    It asks you a series of questions about your baby’s symptoms.It also gives you hints and advice along the way. At the end, your answers will be put in to a single document that you can download and take with you to your next doctors appointment. If you don't have Facebook Messenger, or you would prefer to, you can use our symptom checklist tool on this website


    CMA Report pdf


    Launch CMA Companion